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Whether you are a renter, a homeowner, or just someone who comes down here to live for part of the year, you have likely had to navigate the rising costs to live in Florida. As someone who has done past organizing around tenants in Tampa, I’ve seen renters be priced out of their own homes. We’re now seeing this greed-driven crisis make its way down to Riverview, Valrico and more, where mortgages are rising dramatically, in many cases doubling. That’s before we even look at the rising cost of gas, food, auto insurance and more. 


As your representative, I will:

  • Find bipartisan approaches to incentivize smart and affordable development

  • Curb rising costs of auto and property insurance and mortgages

  • Expand benefits and protections included for SNAP recipients

  • Infrastructure

  • Whether you’re commuting from Riverview to Tampa for work or you’re taking your child to and from school, infrastructure is a part of our everyday life. We have seen congestion in traffic rise dramatically over the last several years, causing commonly used roads to also be some of the deadliest for accidents in the district.

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